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17/10/2018 - label printing

On their website they say: "We make wine, quality wine, in Amsterdam, from carefully selected French, Italian and Spanish grapes. That makes Chateau Amsterdam the Netherlands’ first city winery. By transporting the grapes instead of the bottles we bring the joy of the wine production process closer to home."

Well, that's our kind of customer... When you have a great idea, let no-one tell you it is outrageous. Go for it! Be different! Dare!

We truly enjoyed printing those labels. Simple, yet refined. With humour and wit. Modest in colour but rich in texture. When we sat down to choose a paper, our Cane Fibre immediately stood out. A beautiful creamy white, delicately soft and... made from sustainable materials.

Cane Fibre is made of by-products from the transformation of sugar cane (the so-called “bagasse”) and consists of 95% of sugar cane fibers and 5% of hemp and linen. It is a great base material for primary labeling of high-end and luxury goods such as wines, spirits and specialist foods.

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