REYNDERS label printing and SICPA join forces to fight against fakes in Europe

24/06/2020 - label printing

« We’re seeing an increasing need for quick and simple identification of genuine products in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector. » - Marc Reynders, CEO of REYNDERS label printing

REYNDERS label printing and leading Swiss ink producer SICPA are pleased to announce a new partnership to help strengthen brand protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts across Europe. Combining SICPA’s unique strengths in security ink technologies and REYNDERS’ decades of expertise in label printing, the partnership will deliver innovative label solutions to companies at a time when counterfeiting and fraud are reaching all-time highs.

“Fast and reliable authentication of genuine products is essential to safeguarding revenues, reputations and maintaining consumer confidence,” said Jean-Yves Ray, Group Marketing Director of SICPA “We’re delighted to partner with REYNDERS to bring our latest security solution, QUAZAR®, to the European market and provide companies with a unique, counterfeit-proof marking that makes it easy for consumers to identify authentic products.”

Marc Reynders, CEO of REYNDERS label printing said, “We are very pleased with the exclusive collaboration with SICPA. It’s a next step in our ambition to strengthen and diversify our extensive product portfolio of security labels. Right now we’re seeing an increasing need for quick and simple identification of genuine products in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector, where counterfeit scams are rampant and consumer health is an absolute priority.”

QUAZAR® is a practical solution that can be used to authenticate pharmaceutical products, electronic and automotive components, apparel, food and spirits, and other high-end consumer products. Delivered in the form of a unique product security label, QUAZAR® empowers consumers, businesses, and government officials to easily and reliably validate authentic goods and products.

QUAZAR® product security labels can include tamper-evidence, secure 2D codes, as well as covert and forensic security features offered by SICPA. The solution can be easily integrated and applied on a wide range of packaging substrates. Produced using propriety technologies, and SICPA and partners' fully controlled supply chain, QUAZAR® provides customers with both unrivalled security features and unique customization opportunities.

SICPA is a trusted global provider of security inks as well as secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions. With high-technology security inks at the core of its expertise, the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents, and a wide range of consumer and industrial products. It offers solutions and services ensuring product authentication, traceability and protection.

REYNDERS label printing, headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium), is a family owned company with eight production plants in Belgium, Poland, France, Spain and India, active in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, chemicals and the automotive industry. REYNDERS pharmaceutical labels is a Centre of Excellence to the pharmaceutical industry. As an ISO certified and “Ecovadis” gold rated company, REYNDERS is a long-term partner for many pharmaceutical companies in Europe and abroad.

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