single layer, countless options

It’s not a matter of how, it’s what you want to achieve. Increasing shelf appeal? Improving durability?

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want, or whether you are exploring your options: we can help you make the right choice in printing techniques, materials, adhesives… to come up with the matching solution.

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how smart would you like your labels?

There’s no better way to create a seamless transition between real and digital than a smart label. With a wide variety of techniques we can make labels play a crucial role in your logistics chain, fight counterfeiting, keep your products safe, enhance your brand experience, engage with consumers or make IoT work:

  • RFID tags
  • QR codes
  • ScanTrust QR codes
  • NFC-chips

specialty and
security labels

Anti-counterfeiting, tamper-evidence and labels that know how to deal with inquisitive children’s hands: we think along with you to print the perfect security label. From special inks to experimental substrates and rare techniques: all your custom requests are more than welcome.

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