Olive oil - Spain's liquid gold.

22/04/2020 - label printing

One of Spain's assets, apart from tourism, is our wonderful Mediterranean diet, one of its main ingredients being extra virgin olive oil.

Spain is confirmed as one of the leading countries in the production, marketing and export of olive oil with average sales of 1,400,000 tonnes per year in the last few seasons, 62% of which are destined for the export market.

The olive-growing sector is an important part of the national economic engine, providing jobs to producers and to auxiliary industries of packaging, labelling and logistics.

In the last years, a change of tendency is taking place in favour of self-adhesive labels, rather than wet-glue labels. The diversity and versatility of self-adhesive materials have allowed graphic design agencies to break down certain technical barriers and given them new and strong weapons to capture the attention of the consumer.

Thanks to this evolution, manufacturers of labelstock have developed surprising new materials, among which we can highlight the greaseproof papers. These materials receive a special treatment that protects the porous surface of the label, avoiding unsightly grease stains. Within this range of materials, other concepts are available through textured options, maintaining their greasproof properties.

As to printing systems, the most widely used technologies are:

  • Flexography: provides a high quality in printing and is mainly oriented to large productions with a reduced number of references.
  • Digital: excellent printing quality focused on small and medium productions with a varied number of references.

In both technologies we are perfectly able to add additional processes with which to enrich the labels. The most used are matt & gloss varnishes, hotfoil & coldfoil printing, tactile inks, Braille, serialization, etc ...

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