Albeniz' spring campaign on LinkedIn

12/02/2020 - label printing

Javier Tellez, General Manager, kicked off a spring campaign to unveil Albeniz' unknown and unsuspected abilities.

In the last decade, ALBENIZ has established itself as a reference provider of label solutions in the European market. We have developed innovative products - some of them patented - that have allowed our customers to improve their printing and labeling processes, both from the point of view of quality, reliability and cost.

As a result, we obtained almost 5 years ago the ISO TS 16949 certification, currently called IATF 16949, demanded by the originating equipment manufacturers (OEM) of the automotive sector from TIER1 suppliers and the rest of the supply chain of any component that is mounted on the vehicle when it leaves the assembly line. We are currently the only Spanish label manufacturer with such certification and in the coming years, we will continue to boost our presence in this sector.

The acquisition of ALBENIZ by the Belgian multinational REYNDERS, the printing of labels at the end of 2018 has been an important milestone in the history of our company. It is a reference group at European level in the label industry, and it is giving our company the possibility of offering to the market products in which it is a first-rate specialist, such as booklet labels, multi-labels and sleeves. Both companies are complementary in several aspects and associated with the same culture, based on the taste for a job well done, the highest standards of quality and service, and constant innovation. For this, the recruitment and retention of talent is and will continue be a priority, in order to always have the best and most motivated professionals. In this way, we will continue to look for innovative solutions, using the most advanced production technologies at all times, always in close contact with the most prestigious manufacturers worldwide.

Based on the above, in the coming years we will strengthen some markets in which we are already present, such as the chemical industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, food and cosmetics, boosting the sale of both labels and labeling equipment, to continue positioning as one of the reference providers of label solutions in the European market, and Spanish in particular.

In our concern for the environment and finding that our customers value their suppliers positively take concrete steps in this area to help improve the health of our planet, we plan to certify our label manufacturing activity in ISO 14001 at the end of 2020. "Sustainability" will increasingly be a key word in our company. Currently, we are acting in several areas to reduce the carbon footprint: we buy sustainable materials and products with electricity derived from renewable sources.

We invite you to follow our progress our website or on LinkedIn ( and we look forward to reading your dear comments.

N.B. : You can read Javier's original message (in Spanish) here:

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