The Holy Grail 2.0 | Digimarc. Are you ready for the future?

13/11/2020 - label printing

Given the efforts REYNDERS label printing already put into the promotion of (more) sustainable packaging, it goes without saying that we should become part of the team that is going to change the way we treat waste.

We are happy to announce you that Reynders is member of the group that supports and drives the Holy Grail 2.0 project.

A couple years ago, some people - who truly and rightly believe that the best way to treat waste is to “sort, select and recycle” - said: “Wouldn’t it be great if all waste could end up being correctly selected and sorted?” And then they started their quest for “the Holy Grail”.

OK, let’s be honest: first we should try to produce as little waste as possible, and make packaging as small and thin as possible. Point taken. And that is already an ongoing process. But after all downgauging and slimming, you still end up with stuff that has been packaging for food, drinks, shampoo, liquor, lubricants, etc…

So, to create a waste collecting system that can faultlessly detect what kind of waste it is dealing with, someone launched the idea of integrating a code in all packaging. To be precise: a special code, invisible to the human eye, not interfering with the actual visuals, but perfectly detectable by scanners. No matter the position in which the product passes that scanner.

It was a great idea, then. And even greater: it has become reality today. And it is so good that not only packaging itself (a bottle, a butter cup, …) can be identified, but all printing on any type of packaging can have that code as well: labels, sleeves, IML,…

You might have come across the name for that ‘invisible watermark’ without realizing its importance: it is called “Digimarc” and it is bound to completely change our view on waste, waste sorting and recycling.

On the one hand, we are preparing ourselves to be able to include Digimarc in your labels and sleeves as well, when you decide to go for it. The first tests, where we printed labels in different techniques, were a huge success. Samples are available if you want to check it out for yourself.

On the other hand, major international brands and retailers are currently conducting extensive testing, together with waste collectors, to see how fast the Holy Grail project can be rolled out. Globally.

The progress is exciting to follow and we will certainly keep you posted on the subject. But keep in mind that when you, as a brand owner, would like to get your packaging “Digimarc”-ed, and ready for the future you can stop looking for the Holy Grail. You just found it at REYNDERS label printing.

PS: more info can be found in our 30 pages “Triple R program” on sustainable materials and topics. Just ask for it.

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