Get to know our "ultimaTE labels"

07/11/2018 - label printing

Finally a tamper evident label that does what it says.

In the past days, a number of people received a little surprise: a small black box with a sample roll of our new, “ultimaTE labels”.

We sent them out to prove that a TE closing label that withstands “opening and invisible reclosing” of a drugs packaging, really exists.

Extended tests show that something as simple as a hot air blower is sufficient to release most closing labels. Fraudulent individuals can then remove, replace or tamper with the product and reposition the label without notable traces.

Our new TE-label overcomes that problem.

Perforations can rip when the packaging is being handled, thus giving the patient a wrong impression. So we use a tear strip that makes it easy for the user to open the packaging, even without the use of tools.

And just to be clear… what you see is our own presentation sample. We can and will print your own designs as well, regardless of colors, dimensions, layout…

If you want to do your own testing, let us know and we'll send you a test strip. Please try them on any packaging of your choice and remember these guidelines:

  • Use the line underneath “ultimaTE label” to position the label on the edge of the packaging.
  • Give the label 24 hours to let it reach its highest adhesion force.
  • Use the green lip to tear the label open.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your need further information. As always, we are available to help you.

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