Discover 'SEAL&READ' a smart and unique packaging concept.

16/10/2020 - label printing

Would you like to provide your product with an attractive all-round design, that at the same time contains all relevant information and protects your product?

Our Seal&Read packaging concept offers you this all-in-one solution that brings you more than you would imagine.

  • 360° self-adhesive label or shrink sleeve
  • Informative multilayer or booklet
  • All packaging elements connected to the product

Thanks to Seal&Read, all packaging elements are directly on the product. No additional checks are required to verify whether the label, box and information leaflet have been assembled correctly. Your entire packaging process becomes a lot easier.

In addition, your product also gets safer. The sleeve element at the top shrinks around the cap and can only be opened via 2 vertical perforations and 1 perforation all around. The customer can immediately see if it has been tampered with.

Seal&Read is an economical, ecological, and safe solution for the packaging of products where you are legally obliged to provide the customer with information. Think of body care products, medicines, cleaning products, food products and agrochemical or petrochemical products. Seal&Read is really made for you!

We can easily provide your Seal&Read self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves with additional elements that enhance the safety of your packaging and favorize the communication with your customer. Braille, Tactile Warning Signs, serialization with unique ID codes, Track&Trace barcodes, Quazar® markings, RFID or NFC,... Everything is negotiable.

Are you curious about what Seal&Read can do extra for you? Contact us. We’ll be glad to show you how to get more out of your packaging with Seal&Read. Or read a bit more on

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