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03/06/2020 - label printing

And a hundred thousand more if you want us to...

Are you too one of those people who sometimes need to put a lot of useful information on their products? And does it happen that you need it almost overnight? And in rather small quantities? And different versions?

Then you should read on:

We at REYNDERS label printing have invested two years of time, ambition and money to develop the ultimate solution for you: our "in-line" BOOKLET production, which is now fully operational.

  • It produces booklets up to 48 pages.
    Nothing new, you say? Then read on:
  • The booklets are made of a single filmic material, which is even slimmer than most conventional film. So it is at the same time sustainable and better recyclable!
    Not enough? Then take this:
  • These booklets are digitally printed and can therefore be produced effectively even in the smallest quantities!
    Still not enough? Then here comes the smasher:
  • Our system produces "in-line", i.e. the whole booklet is finished in one single production run. From the blank film roll to the finished booklet, it takes almost no time! So, after approval and corresponding pre-planning, we are in a position to deliver booklets within a few days!

If that is still not enough for you, you'll probably need to look outside our solar system... :-)

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