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04/03/2022 - label printing


With the global presence of fast and powerful communication systems and the ever-increasing impact of social media, there is an undeniable need to channel digital ('eco-friendly') information through these new channels. Thanks to our R-connect line (with for example RFID & NFC tags) we meet this need for a 1-step-solution for 'consumer loyalty programs', 'instant authentication', 'augmented reality', 'sponsor campaigns', etc... In short: we help our customers make their lives easier with sustainable technology.


Security labels should enable consumers, businesses and monitoring organisations to quite easily and reliably identify authentic goods and products.

Open security - so-called "overt security" - is the first barrier against counterfeiting. The most effective are those which anyone can verify without technical help or apps.

That is why QUAZAR® locking and other labels use brightly printed and visually striking effects. The result: two distinctly different images that you check separately by tilting the label slightly. This innovative technology stimulates consumer involvement, which leads to higher confidence in the purchased product.

In addition, we have a close working relationship with the company ScanTrust who developed a secure, unique identification to connect packaging and consumers over the Internet and thus enables "Supply Chain Security", "Consumer Engagement", "Brand Protection", and "Real-time Business Intelligence'.


Due to the growing attention for recycling and circular economy Reynders offers its Triple-R portfolio. It is a selection of commonly available materials which we trust

and which we strongly believe in.

To be included in this "Reduce | Reuse | Recycle" offer, stricter selection criteria apply, such as cost price, aesthetics, processability, availability and sustainability. Best available technologies also remain a criterion that cannot be ignored. In concrete terms, we notice that the share of our ZIP sleeves is increasing. These are shrink sleeves with a vertical perforation that makes them easy to recycle the label and the main component of the product.

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