Increased convenience expectations

29/04/2020 - label printing

Customers' expectations have outgrown a nice picture on a bag. They want more insight!

Monday 9:00 AM
Soon the conference room will be full of marketing people, eager to see upcoming trends and explore new concepts in packaging label market.

9:15 AM
They are coming in… a handshake (it was still possible, then), a nod, and a stealthy look at our table filled with samples. A cup of fresh coffee and we are moving them off into the REYNDERS label dimension….

9:30 AM
As an active participant in the packaging world, we have noticed for some time now, a growing demand for improved packaging functionality, increased convenience, and a true concern for reducing food waste. The main reason for this is the dynamic and changing consumer lifestyle and a better focus on sustainability targets.

We are proud to present this case study for crouton packs where all three highlighted aspects are fulfilled.

10:00 AM
The reclosable label applied on top of the pouch is fully integrated with the flexible package and makes it perfectly sustainable. The transparent label forms a clear window that improves the product's attractiveness: it allows to see the product and to verify its freshness. And last but not least the “open/close” function of the label guarantees consumers multiple openings and allows precise dosing of the contents.

We at REYNDERS label printing have plenty of similar cases in our portfolio. When our customers want to meet consumer expectations and fully align with existing legislations, we are more than happy to be invited in the very early stages of the product development.

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