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06/05/2020 - label printing

More and more (craft) breweries are opting for beer in cans. Why?

More and more (craft) breweries are opting for beer in cans. Why?
Well, not only do cans offer good protection against light and oxygen, they also comply with all aspects of sustainability. We'd be happy to help you in giving your cans the right look and feel, either with a label or a shrink sleeve. If you choose for a 360° decoration… then let’s go for an eye-catching shrink sleeve

attractive and hip

Don't hold back! Let your creativity run free. Choose relief printing to feel fresh drops on the can. Let your design sparkle with our pearlescent inks or choose a slightly glamorous look with metallic foil. Maybe you're a fan of a rather cool matte look? That's also possible! For creative minds, all dreams can come true. We print all these beautiful effects in-line on our state of the art printing machines.

flexibility advantage

We all know that direct printing on a can requires significant volumes to make sense price wise. A shrink sleeve is a great alternative. Thanks to digital and flexo printing technology we can cover a large volume range : from just 10 up to 10 million sleeves per version !

There is also the possibility of personalizing your sleeves. This is very popular nowadays and it instantly makes your beer can a collector's item. Create the desire to collect different series by playing with different images.

respect for nature

We are all participating in responsible sourcing and recycling. Talk with us about our rPet sleeve, which consists of 30% recycled material. The shrinkage behavior of the rPET is very good and we are convinced that this is a first step towards a better environment. The rPET material in combination with a 'zipper' is currently the best choice. Thanks to the vertical perforation the sleeve can be easily removed from the can. This helps consumers to sort consciously and to contribute to a circular economy

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