Security labeling for pharma packaging

19/05/2020 - label printing

Apply two TE seals and a security feature in one pass.

Now you can label your pharma packaging with two tamper evident seals and apply an extra security label in one single process.

We present this new solution primarily to the pharmaceutical Industry.

The machine - an ALTECH ALpharma B - allows to apply a tamper evident seal to both ends of a pharmaceutical carton and a third security label for anti-counterfeiting (ask us for our solutions)

This machine can label up to 200 boxes per minute and has a integrated system to automatically inspect and reject improperly labeled cartons.

The machine supplied is controlled by a Siemens PLC with 9” touch panel HMI. The system provides traceability of the data and the working parameters of the machine under the CFR21 part 11 protocol.

To reliably reach the labeling speeds required, the machine controls the boxes by aligning them at the machine infeed and then by spacing them with a twin-belt spacing device.

The system is equipped with three ALritma label heads, one for the security label , and two for the seals. Two shaped guides provide the corner bending just after label application.

The control devices are positioned at the end of the machine and check the label presence using luminescence technology (CS04) and reject the non-labeled products (CS05)

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