Let us tell you a short story...

21/04/2020 - label printing

... partly about labels, and partly about esthetics.

A few years ago, the sales team and the management held a very inspirational meeting. The people from sales said:

“Dear management, we already print a lot of beautiful labels; splendid white and super clear, with fabulous coldfoil and all the colors of the world. But we still want more: we want special, authentic papers; a bit rough on the touch and a bit strange on the look, but oh so beautiful.

Oh... and we need extra tools. To bring our labels to life. So we want to add hotfoil. But not just one foil! No, we want to add more; perhaps three hotfoils, if possible.

And we want to emboss these labels. The visuals must come alive. They must be vibrant and convincing, make the product jump off the shelf, but at the same time they have to be natural, honest, pure and esthetical.

And, please don't forget about digital printing; our customers often need very limited editions.

After that meeting, the management asked for a moment of thought. And after a week they said: “OK. We are going to buy you the best machines for this. Let’s go for top esthetics.’

The rest is history…

in the meantime we have produced thousands of different labels for all kinds of topnotch products.

Our customers choose the smartest looking papers available and the most exclusive hotfoil that makes labels look like the centerfold of an art book. They asked for numerous limited series and for exclusive numbered editions. They ordered us to use matt and glossy varnish to attract the consumer’s attention to specific elements.

So for once we are not going to be modest: we have printed some stunning beauties since that meeting.

But for us that is still not enough. We’re constantly working on new things, so expect more and better to come soon. And remember: our advice during the duration of the project is free.

Use the below contact form if you'd like to discuss your project with us.

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