Passionate about beer

27/05/2020 - label printing

Because we're not just lovers; we are beer lovers

We are raised in the land of beer, the land of abbeys hidden in deep dark forests, the land of the real Trappist, the land where - for centuries - monks made cheese and brewed beer to help the poor.

Times have changed and we have fewer monks now, but we still have that passion for beer. The same passion you have, too… You spend mornings, afternoons, evenings and sometimes nights passionately perfecting your beer that will be carefully served in a wonderful glass. And your bottle of beer on the table is making people happy wherever they are talking, dancing and having fun together. It makes you proud, and you’re right.

And we are proud that we can help. We are always ready to help you in making the best out of decorating your bottles. With a label or a sleeve that will tell your story to the people; a story that makes them smile. The label or the sleeve is your bottle’s costume. A costume to feast, or one to contemplate; a costume to travel around the world, or one to come home and relax…

Tell us your story, and we’re more than happy to serve you. Because we love your passion. And we love your beer!

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