REYNDERS is "European Converter of the Year"

24/09/2019 - label printing

The European Converter of the Year Award, recognizes the European label printing company that has stood out over the last year and met a number of criteria. This includes delivering a key innovation or product and technical development; developing pan-European product sales in its chosen market(s); and becoming a global supplier in special or niche areas of operation.

We are proud to announce that REYNDERS label printing won the “European Converter of the Year” award. We were chosen from all European printers as the most deserving label printer. This is a further confirmation of our growing position in the European market.

It is also an exceptional motivation for the entire company to continue working on innovation and delivering top service and quality to our customers.

After the “Family Business of the Year” trophy in 2017, this is once again a crowning glory of the many years of efforts of the entire Reynders Team.

We thank everyone for his indispensable contribution to this success story !

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