Size does matter !

12/12/2019 - label printing

And quality does as well.

We are all used to seeing shrink sleeves applied to (rather) small packaging, ranging from eyeliner pens and drink yoghurts to champagne bottles and packs of fabric softener. But once in a while one is requested to meet quite different standards.

Take a look for example at this HUGE container (Ø 206 mm). For something like that, you need a BIG shrink sleeve and the right printing press to cope with the demand. Unfolded, this sleeve has a width of 652 mm.

These sleeves were printed with CMYK, PMS gold 872 , a customer-defined PMS blue and - of course - covering white. The full range of 7 varieties looks just stunning.

And you know what is so nice... we haven't even finished playing all our trump cards with this one!

Eric Favre is a group of French laboratories that formulates, designs and distributes "new generation" food supplements. more info on

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