REYNDERS pharma becomes greener

09/03/2020 - label printing

A new cooling tower of 1.300 kW was installed at REYNDERS pharmaceutical labels.

REYNDERS pharmaceutical labels is becoming greener

Earlier this week a new cooling tower of 1.300 kW was installed at REYNDERS pharmaceutical labels. Two more water-cooled chillers of 516 kW each will follow next month. These new chillers are going to be cooled by this cooling tower.

This investment was necessary to replace our outdated air-cooled chillers and to be ready for the anticipated future growth.

Among other reasons, our choice for this design was driven by the following ecological and economic benefits that can be achieved over the following years:

  • We block the use of the outdated coolant R410A with a GWP of 2088 and switch to the coolant R513a with a GWP value of only 573.

  • The EER of the water-cooled chillers is 5.5 compared to 2 for the previous devices, meaning that you get 5.5 kW cooling capacity for 1 kW of electricity.

  • By choosing water-cooled chillers in combination with a cooling tower, free cooling can be used for process cooling during 2/3rd of the year. We do not have to produce ice water for our process cooling. We cool by evaporating water in the cooling tower.

  • All these improvements result in an estimated energy saving of 400.000 kWh on a yearly basis. With this we realize an annual CO2 reduction of 21.5 tons.

This renewed installation is ready to provide the planned expansion of production with cooling and that without having to consume more power. REYNDERS pharmaceutical labels is preparing for the future

* Global Warming Potential ** Energy Efficiency Ratio

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