Albeniz launches AST 4.0 - printing & application system

16/07/2019 - label printing

Our latest contribution to tyre labelling.
A high-yield tyre-labelling machine able to automatically apply different label types with absolute no downtime.

"The introduction of our AST 4.0 is in tandem with the growing emphasis on Industry 4.0 in tyre manufacturing plants worldwide. Our new machine meets the needs of automation, speedy production, and takes lesser space in tyre manufacturing plants. Being ready for Industry 4.0, the AST 4.0 has full connectivity with peripheral machines and provides online data on production, maintenance and services” says Joseba Albisu, sales manager tyre market & product development director at Albeniz.

The AST 4.0 is a high-yield tyre labelling machine that uses up to four label rolls simultaneously, with different sizes or different background designs, and can also selects the proper label and prints variable information in black colour.

A labelling machine works in a simple way, rolls are uploaded and on which the information is printed, and the label is pasted on tyres, but the challenge that most tyre companies face is the time that is needed to change the roll. Longer times to change rolls cause a toll on production. “After hearing this constant concern from our customers, we decided to tackle the issue. As the AST 4.0 provides four roll engines, even if one or two rolls are finished, the labelling process keeps going on with other roll engines, meanwhile the operator can upload new rolls. This advantage is only offered by our machines and it is patented worldwide,” says Albisu.

The AST 4.0 machine has user -friendly interface with video tutorials and remote assistance function, and full proof assisted label loading and traceability. Its process inspection cameras help for real time inspection and fast troubleshooting.

As its previous version, the AST 4.0 is also equipped with tele maintenance application and quick replacement devices which provides remotely controlled tele maintenance services to its customers 24*7 . Due to tele maintenance applications and quick replacement devices, technical interventions have reduced drastically. “Our critical equipment of the machine, the printing engine, can be replaced by the operator easily within 30 sec with no tools which help to increase effective working hours,” adds Albisu.

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