Sugar Cane for a winery?

30/01/2020 - label printing

Yes... but not for the wines. For the labels!

On their website they say: "Chateau Amsterdam is the first city winery in the Netherlands. Grapes from Europe, wine from Amsterdam. Made by two generations, since 2017. Workspace for creative companies and workplace for 60 creative professionals. All under one roof in an old factory hall in Amsterdam-Noord."

It might look like a dauntless operation, but - hey - when you have a great idea, let no-one tell you it is outrageous.
Go for it! Be different! Dare!

We truly enjoyed printing these labels. Simple, yet refined. With humour and wit. Modest in colour but rich in texture. When we sat down to choose a label paper, our Cane Fibre immediately stood out among the rest. It is a beautiful creamy white, delicately soft and... made from sustainable materials.

Cane Fibre is made of "bagasse" and consists of 95% of sugar cane fibers and 5% of hemp and linen. It is a great base material for primary labeling of high-end and luxury goods such as wines, spirits and gourmet food.

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