13/05/2020 - label printing

A crash course in 3 easy lessons.

Today we are going to have a little quiz. Check if you can answer the below questions with a YES!

  • You need a bigger market. Yes?
  • You have a premium product compared to your competitor. Yes?
  • Your current packaging could do with some improvement. Yes?

It’s quite easy to say "Yes" to all three of them, don't you agree? And now you'll probably ask "How?"
How is Reynders going to make my packaging “sing and shine” and distinguish itself from the rest?

Well, we can do this in 3 different “easy” ways for you:

- think "varnish" : by simply using a spot varnish, you can highlight details.
- think "screen-printing" : use a tactile ink on top of the artwork

- create stunning spot effects on the label with metallized foil.

- go for embossing : we can physically highlight details in the material itself
- try out hotfoil : any combination with hotfoil will bring your label straight to a next level

Reynders can help you by adding value to your packaging, knocking your competitor's product right off the shelves and reflecting the premium quality of your product onto the packaging. If we created expectations, it’s now up to you to make them come true.

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