Loyalty Stamps on the Rise !

22/07/2019 - label printing

Creating happy, returning customers starts with a substantiated loyalty programme.

Loyalty programmes aim at rewarding shoppers all over the world and they focus mainly on emotions and customer needs. When stamp collecting is involved, these tiny labels can and will play a crucial role in the success of the programme.

If for the receiver they only need to be colourful and attractive and easy to find among cash tickets and banknotes; for those who hand them out there are a lot of other important factors.

At Reynders label printing we are well aware of these and we will anticipate to any of your needs:

  • small rolls that fit snugly into the tray of a cash register
  • a precise number of labels per roll
  • a visual identifier to quickly count 10, 20, ... stamps
  • perforations for easy tearing
  • unique numbering
  • security inks to fight counterfeiting
  • multiple images on a single roll
  • . . . . .

So, whether you will be offering cookware, trading cards, glassware, knives, wine or duvet covers... you can rely on our stamps to do the trick.

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