COBERGER wine estate

24/08/2021 - label printing

Good wine requires classy labels.

Wenceslas Coberger was the architect of the "Basilica of Our Lady" in Scherpenheuvel. The man was also a painter, an artist and allegedly a bit of a nutter.

Some will say that the latter also applies to Luc Haekens and Ann Genoe, the owners of Wijndomein Coberger, who in 2015 decided to buy the corn field behind their home and turn it into a gently sloping vineyard.

Since then, a thousand vines have grown on the hillside, producing different types of wine every year: from dry Auxerrois to fruity Chardonnay and fresh Pinot Noir.

All that brought out an instant click between Reynders and Wijndomein Coberger and prompted Jan - our account manager turned reporter - to visit the vineyard on a sunny afternoon.

Click the link and enjoy his full report:

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