Let's go look for the bears.

17/06/2020 - label printing

In this post, we’d like to present you a nice project we did a couple of years ago.

In fact this project was so peculiar that we want to bring it back to your attention; with a bit of luck it might give you new ideas.

The Antwerp-based agency “Pinkeye” - nowadays renamed “We Want More” - was asked to assist in the name-change of a well-known brand of baby food. They designed a nice campaign that included a set of free read aloud booklets in which the images were missing. Daddies & mummies could collect these little "stickers" when purchasing the product.

Pinkeye’s idea was to “print the stickers, put them in a flow-wrap and drop them inside the package.”

We suggested them our POCKETLABEL; a kind of printed paper pocket, that can be VISIBLY attached on the OUTSIDE of the packaging. Inside that pocket we hid a set of different square labels, each of them containing a mix of images. Both the "pocketlabel" and the "collectible stickers” were printed and assembled in ONE SINGLE PASS on our press. Finished rolls were ready to apply, strongly reducing the number of manipulations otherwise required.

When counting the number of printing stations needed, we found to have a spare one… great for adding a variable code that allowed user to go online to a dedicated website and download some welcome extras.

All in all, the campaign was a big success, without any doubt because of the (mental) switch of “hiding the images in the box” to “hiding them in full view on the outside”.

We still like to refer to it as a perfect example of “out of the box thinking”.

(we were constantly reminded of this project upon seeing all the bears that people put at their windows during “COVID-19” so kids could search them when the family went for a lockdown afternoon stroll)

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