We have a winner !

16/10/2023 - label printing

Great news from Amsterdam! At the AWA Sleeve Label Conference 2023, Rogier Rubens and Sebastiaan Reynders were honoured to receive the AWA Award for Best TD Shrink Sleeve.

Reynders' sleeves for 'Coppa Cocktails' were awarded and praised by the jury for their excellence.

The words of the jury:

"Shrink sleeves are most effective when shape, graphics, and product are aligned. Coppa Cocktails is a remarkable example of this alignment, featuring a unique cocktail shaker bottle design and artwork that connects to each specific cocktail in their exclusive 15-cocktail lineup. With exceptional colour-matching with the two-part closure, flawless execution of seaming and shrinking, and perfect alignment of complex graphics across the sleeve's seam, this product emerged as the clear winner, surpassing all others."

Afterwards, Cindy Steenblik (Toorank International Spirits) and Rogier Rubens (Reynders label printing) entertained the public with an interesting presentation on the history of the Coppa Cocktails appearance. Miss Steenblik highlighted the customer approach; Mr Rubens the technical side of the print process.

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